Setting up and performing a business administration can be a very time consuming and complex activity. Often when things already have gone out of your control, you start realizing how important it is to have your financial administration in order. Especially smaller companies and self employed professionals rather spend their valuable time to their own business, then spending a lot of effort in  keeping the books up to date. In many cases the lack of book keeping knowledge makes it easier for companies to request the services of financial specialists to do the work for them.  

Euro Administratie was founded in 2009, and has been providing their services and expertise for many years to mainly small companies, self employed professionals, Expats and private persons. Euro Administratie provides services related to Tax returns, Financial administrations and councelling.


Private persons

For private persons Euro Administratie provides services for:

  • Income Tax return
  • Provisional Tax Return requests
  • Application forms Rent Benefits, Health Care Benefits, Child Care Benefits and Child Budgets
  • Expats Income Tax Returns (M-Form)
  • Objections and Appeals
  • Other fiscal requests

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For Companies Euro Administratie provides services for :

  • Income Tax Returns, Turnover Tax Returns, VpB Return
  • Financial Administration/Book keeping
  • Financial and Fiscal Advice
  • Objections and Appeals

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For more information please contact  Euro Administratie:

More information about Euro Administratie can be found on the  Contact page.


  • As from February 2024, rates and fees have been adjusted for services provided to private persons and businesses